Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Carnaggio Bridal Shoot

In this video Frank Carnaggio does a couples bridal shoot. The images are good and the video is well done. I also like how Frank uses natural light for most the photos and the only lighting he used is a on camera speedlight with what looks like a Gary Fong lightsphere. Take a look see, enjoy.

Frank Carnaggio "Behind The Scenes" Photo Shoot! from Holloway Productions on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photographing Snow Leopards

Im sure Im not the only photographer who wished they could be paid to travel the world and document rare cultures and seldom seen wild life. That is the day in and day out job of National Geographic photographer Steve Winter.

For those of you that own Mac computers and have their newest operating system "Snow Leopard" you may recognize the photo above, it is Steve Winter's photograph that Apple used for their operating system.

Steve went to India to try to find and photograph the rare snow Leopard, the video below describes his time spent there and shows some of his stunning images.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ive mentioned before that FStoppers.com is putting on a contest right now for the best behind the scenes video, and the winner gets either a Canon 7D or a Nikon D300s SLR camera.

This video is one of the most recent submissions for that contest. The video is shot by Eric Bindman at Fatherly Films but the photos were done by Benjamin "Von Wong". Its a fantastic shoot and the theme? ZOMBIES! With zombies comes a little bit of gore, blood, and some survivors with sharp objects and guns.

Check out the video below, you can also see some of the end shots HERE

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Engagement Shoot

Hello all,

So FStoppers.com posted this video on their site and I had to share it. Erich Chen does a brilliant engagement photoshoot and the final images are stunning. Did I mention that 100% of it is natural light? Yea, awesome!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Photographer Profile: Chase Jarvis

Hey everyone,

So I am constantly checking pro photogs websites and blogs and one that I frequent very often is Chase Jarvis. Those of you that know me well know that Chase is a huge inspiration to me and my photography.
I came across this interview of Chase, its a quick bio of him, so that you guys can understand who this photographer is that I look up to.
And it so happens to actually be Chase's bday today, so shout out to Chase. Happy bday!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Joey L & The Mentawai

In this video Joey L, with a handful of others to assist him and document the trip, travels to the Siberut Jungle in Indonesia to live with and document the Mentawai people.
The traditional ways of the Mentawai people are coming close to extinct, and only a few small clans still live the way of their ancestors.
The video is pretty awesome and really dives into the culture of a place far different than here in North America.


Joey L "Nikon Girl" Music Video

Hello hello!

So the last couple posts have been kinda heavy with topics revolving around poverty and homelessness. I thought Id post a fun music video done by Joey L about the topic of Canon vs Nikon. Its pretty funny, I got a chuckle out of it the first time I watched it. Mind you I am a complete photo nerd.
There is a little bit of swearing and a couple uhh... suggestive sentences? A guy also destroys a coke at the end.

If you want to know more about Joel L, you can check out his website here or watch the little video about him below the "Nikon Girl" music video.

Joey L is another one of those photographers where the type of job he has is the one Id absolutely love. In Joey's case hes traveling the world documenting different people and also doing commercial photography on the side to pay the bills. Awesome.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help Portrait: Giving back to those less fortunate

Hi everyone,

So this week I was informed by my mother (thanks mom) about this wonderful organization called Help Portrait. Help Portrait is a movement of photographers who are using their time, equipment and expertise to give back to those who are less fortunate. Its not just a small movement, there are tens of thousands of photographers around the globe taking photos and in more than 50 countries!

They describe themselves not as a non-profit, but as a movement, a shift in thinking about photography. Its an opportunity to give photos, not just take them.

One of the beautiful things is that these photos are not for sharing on the forums, using on your website or adding to your portfolio. These pictures are solely for the person you are shooting, not for you in the slightest way, this is all about giving.

Its also not just for photographers! You can join and help out setting the photographer up and making people feel welcome and offer some of your talents to the job as well, for example makeup artists are definitely wanted!

You can also go beyond the call of duty. Take canned goods, take books, blankets, play games. Do whatever you feel like you can do to help the people your serving. Photography is just the catalyst. It's up to you to go beyond that.

For me this sounds amazing since I really care about people in general and now there is an outlet for me (besides Engineers Without Borders) to use my photography to do something good.

I know some of you are probably thinking "Why would someone that is, for example, homeless want a picture?". I will let Jeremy Cowart, the founder of Help Portrait, explain why he thinks this is important:

"I love hearing the naysayers say things like "The last thing a homeless person needs is a picture."

Then I love seeing the reality.

I love seeing a 53-year old man dance in front of the camera because he's never had his photo taken. Ever.

I love seeing a 45-year old single mom work the camera and have that chance to live out the dream of modeling since she was a little girl.

I love the tears of a woman hugging me because this is the first photo she's seen of herself since losing 300lbs 8 years ago.

I love taking the very first photo of a 5-year old child and being able to give that to his mother.

I love seeing women glow as they get pampered with hair and makup for the first time.

I love their confidence and the realization that they are beautiful and they are special.

I love seeing other photographers come together, build a community amongst themselves and reach together and establish even more community among the needy.

Lastly, I love knowing that these photographers are getting to experience all of these moments themselves.

That's what Help-Portrait is about."

I am extremely excited to join Help Portrait and help bring a smile to someones face, help them feel special for once in their lives.

I encourage you if your a photographer, or not, to check them out and do something to help those that are less fortunate than yourself.

Check out the following videos that explain Help Portrait a little more and show some of the realities of the people they help.

To see more videos go onto the Help Portrait website or Youtube "Help Portrait"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Big Picture: 2010 World Cup Comes to a Close

After a month of intense football and weird, weird, weird outcomes the 2010 World Cup has come to an end. The end result is Spain coming first, Netherlands second, and Germany third (Personally I was cheering for Portugal, but at least they got knocked out by the team that won the World Cup).
32 teams came to South Africa to compete in the World Cup. In that time the veiwership of the cup broke records, productivity dropped when matches were played, and fans across the world were in football fever mode.
The following photos are from The Boston Globe covering the 2nd half of the tournament.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Big Picture: Poverty Within White South Africa

"When stories are told about African poverty, race often seems to play a large part. Based in Senegal, Reuters photographer Finbarr O'Reilly (previously featured here for his work in DR Congo) traveled to South Africa earlier this year and visited one of a growing number of squatter camps populated mostly by Afrikaners - white South Africans - to document their stories and help show that, despite the fact that impoverished blacks in the region far outnumber whites, poverty is a human issue, not necessarily racial. O'Reilly: "While most white South Africans still enjoy lives of privilege and relative wealth, the number of poor whites has risen steadily over the past 15 years. Researchers now estimate some 450,000 whites, of a total white population of 4.5 million, live below the poverty line and 100,000 are struggling just to survive in places such Coronation Park, a former caravan camp currently home to more than 400 white squatters. Formerly comfortable Afrikaners recently forced to live on the fringes of society see themselves as victims of 'reverse-apartheid' that they say puts them at an even greater disadvantage than the millions of poor black South Africans."

The snippet above, taken from the Boston Globe, I think hits a really key note that I think a lot of people in developed countries ignore or are just ignorant about. More specifically the line:

"... poverty is a human issue, not necessarily racial."

When most people think of poverty they immediately think of a little village somewhere in Africa with straw roofs, little black children with distended stomachs; the typical "World Vision" view of poverty. Im not saying that isn't true, in some cases is, but people need to realize that it isn't a racial thing, its a human condition that can affect even your next door neighbor. Its NOT something that is thousands of miles away, its in your country, your city, even your neighborhood.

Generally my wish is that people take a stand against poverty, whether its donating to an organization that does development work overseas, or joining an organization that does work overseas and maybe even going over yourself, or even helping out in your own community.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Chase Jarvis TECH: Photoshoot in 180 Seconds

Hey everyone,

Sooo if you havent guessed it yet... yes I am a big fan of Chase Jarvis. The guy is an outstanding professional commercial and lifestyle photographer. On top of pumping out great shots he is also creating videos and behind the scenes stuff like this video to help out the photo community and promote his photography (obviously).

So this video is the typical steps you'd have when being hired to do a commercial photo gig. He shows us his setup, the points they make sure they hit, and a bit of the lighting, great vid check it out.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

iPhone Fashion Shoot by FStoppers.com

Hey all,

So if you've ever thought "I cant take good photos, I dont have a good camera" I have proof that you can with the right setup. The genious, Lee Morris, over at FStoppers.com decided to do a full blown Fashion photoshoot with one exception, they were going to use the iPhone 3Gs as their camera.

Check out the full post HERE