Monday, August 30, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero? Uh... Not quite

Well Im not sure what to say other than "Yep... I made a mistake".

Recently I was informed by a friend on facebook that the proposed "mosque" at "ground zero" in New York City is in fact an Islamic Cultural Center. Funny how some of the media has missed that fact. Yes there is a portion of the center that will be used for prayer services, but I have a feeling "GROUND ZERO MOSQUE" sells more newspapers and is a little shorter and more punchy to say than "ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTER BUILT BLOCKS AWAY FROM GROUND ZERO AND HAS A PORTION OF IT THAT (pause for breath) IS USED AS A PRAYER ROOM!". Im sure you see where Im heading here.

My previous blog post I made I took from the Sacramento Bee: The Frame and it said nothing about it being a cultural center and that it actually wasn't AT ground zero. So I naively shared it with all you, without checking my sources. For that I apologize and I will not be doing that again.

If anyone finds anymore news on this subject send it my way.

But in the end I hope that you form your own opinion on this subject and get educated rather than blindly believing what you read or hear. The article that my friend sent me can be found linked below, I recommend reading it its very interesting:

'Ground Zero Mosque'? The reality is less provocative - Charlie Brooker, the Guardian

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