Saturday, September 25, 2010

Engagement Partay!

Last night some good friends of Alison and I threw us a fantastic engagement party (if you missed the memo, Alison and I got engaged a little over 2 weeks ago, see for our story).

The night was great and filled with tons of delicious food (fondue is amazing, I now know), awesome friends, good laughs, and great memories.
Here are some of the shots from the night. It was great fun and was super special for Alison and I. Thank you to all you wonderful friends, you know who you are, we love ya.

Ali and I kissing, ya I know "Awwww" right?!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Phil + Katelyn: Chilliwack, BC Wedding

I had the honor this past weekend (Sept 19/10) to photograph such an awesome couple getting married, my friends Phil and Katelyn. Ive known Phil for quite a few years now and was thrilled to hear that he proposed to Katelyn. Ive never seen Phil happier than when hes around Katelyn, and I am extremely happy for the both of them!

The day was good, it started off sunny while Katelyn and her brides maids were getting ready, I thought "Wow first wedding and its going to go off without a hitch!". Whats that saying again, "If something can go wrong, it will"? Ya I think thats it. So at about 11:30am it started pouring, and Im not talking about average BC drizzle it was practically a monsoon outside! But Katelyn, being the awesome gal she is, just brushed it off and played it cool because nothing was going to ruin her day, it was going to be wonderful no matter what. I really respect that attitude, she could've freaked but she didnt. Solid. Now me, on the other hand, was seeing the chances of getting some nice outside formals get washed away (pardon the pun). But in the end the rain let up enough for us to get outside and get some great shots.

It was so hard to choose which shots to include in this blog post, so I posted about 5 more than I originally wanted to. Here are some shots from Phil and Katelyn's big day

Friday, September 17, 2010

Chase Jarvis tests out Nikon's new D7000!

Yeah yeah I know ANOTHER Chase Jarvis post. What can I say, the guy is an excellent photographer. And when you have Nikon sending you cameras that arent out yet to test, you know you've done something right!

Nikon just announced a new camera called the Nikon D7000. They called up Chase a couple months ago and told him they had this new camera and asked him to test drive it. Of course he said yes, would'nt you?!

Chase made a video showing him and his crew testing the D7000 and then a short film he made with the 1080p HD video the camera has. Check out the two videos below, if you want to read his original blog post check it out here.

(Click HERE to see the rest of the post)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

FAQ: Gear I Use

So recently Ive received a couple emails from a few different readers about what gear I use. This is for all you gear heads out there:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Light Night Shoot

So last week my fiance, Alison, and I went out at night with the purpose for me to practice some low light model shooting that was back lit by the sun and using nothing but one speedlight as the main light source. Here are some of the results... (make sure to click on the post to view ALL the photos)

And PS - still offering to do some free photoshoots, so if you want to get some pictures done of yourself, or you and a good friend or family member, or whatever Im game. Just send me an email

Monday, September 6, 2010

Engaged - Our Story

I leave Alison on a bench just outside Peoples Jewellers in the Midtown mall in Saskatoon. Its Friday, September 3 around noon and my heart is pounding walking into the jewellery store. Im about to pick up the ring I sent to get sized for Alison's finger, so that I can propose to her tonight.

I know I know, bringing Alison with me to the mall to pick up the ring Im going to use to propose to her isnt that slick, but just keep reading I redeem myself later.

After I pay for the sizing the clerk hands me the ring. Before I head back outside the store to Alison, I take a good hard look at the ring and think "I hope it fits". I put the ring in my pocket and walked back out to Alison sitting on the bench. Now Im not quite sure why I did what I did but when Alison excitedly asked "Did you get it?" I responded in a upset tone "No". Immediately I could tell Alison was concerned and wasnt going to let it go that easily. After she asked what happened, and why I didnt have the ring I responded "It WAS here but when I was looking at it the diamond came loose, they didnt tighten the clasps". Alison looked really sad but replied with a soft "Oh.. its okay, I can wait awhile longer". I could tell that lying the rest of the day was not going to be easy, and that hiding my HUGE grin was going to be even harder...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

ChaseJarvisLIVE: A Conversation with Jasmine Star

Hello all,

This is a great video, but you better get some food and a comfy chair because its about an hour and a half long! This video is an interview between Chase Jarvis, big time commercial photographer, and Jasmine Star, very successful wedding photographer. Originally this interview was live on ChaseJarvisLIVE (check back to that site for future LIVE webcasts from Chase) but obviously now is not.

On a side note, Chase and Jasmine talk about Jasmine being on creativeLIVE which is one of Chase' projects that showcases talks from a wide variety in people in many forms of art. Unfortunately the free live stream is now over (I watched a bunch of it, it was awesome!) but you can still purchase the 5 day session in which you see Jasmine shoot a wedding, see her edit the photos, talk about her business, review her other shoots photos, take questions, etc etc. So a HUGE learning opportunity. You can buy that HERE if you like.

But anyways back to this video. Chase leads this interview and explores how Jasmine got into wedding photography. He goes through personal aspects of Jasmines life and also business practices. So for anyone out there that is a prospective wedding photographer, Id recommend watching this video and keeping your eye on Jasmine Star.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Simon Carter: Rock Climbing Photographer

So as some of you know one of my most favorite past times, besides photography, is rock climbing. Unfortunately since currently I am in the land of the flat its a little hard to get in rock climbing a lot. Luckily I will hopefully be back to BC in the next year or so and be back and climb tons.

Anyways in regards to the video, this is Simon Carter a professional rock climbing photographer. He shows in this video a couple tips for shooting rock climbing, how he gets out there to shoot and of course a bunch of his beautiful shots. Check it out.