Friday, September 17, 2010

Chase Jarvis tests out Nikon's new D7000!

Yeah yeah I know ANOTHER Chase Jarvis post. What can I say, the guy is an excellent photographer. And when you have Nikon sending you cameras that arent out yet to test, you know you've done something right!

Nikon just announced a new camera called the Nikon D7000. They called up Chase a couple months ago and told him they had this new camera and asked him to test drive it. Of course he said yes, would'nt you?!

Chase made a video showing him and his crew testing the D7000 and then a short film he made with the 1080p HD video the camera has. Check out the two videos below, if you want to read his original blog post check it out here.

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 Chase Testing out the D7000:

"Benevolent Mischief" - a Chase Jarvis short


Nikon D7000 Price said...

The price of D7000 with body only at $1,200 is considered quite steep and there’s not much improvement as compared to the D90.

I will still stick with my D90 for sometime.

Taylor Verde said...

Yeah it is quite high but remember thats what the D90 started around as well.

I would probably say the opposite, that the D7000 offers way more than the D90. The only thing they didnt improve is make the sensor bigger. Everything else about the camera is a pretty large improvement.

But yeah, this year hopefully Nikon will bring out a Nikon D400 which should be much better even thatn the D7000 :)