Sunday, September 5, 2010

ChaseJarvisLIVE: A Conversation with Jasmine Star

Hello all,

This is a great video, but you better get some food and a comfy chair because its about an hour and a half long! This video is an interview between Chase Jarvis, big time commercial photographer, and Jasmine Star, very successful wedding photographer. Originally this interview was live on ChaseJarvisLIVE (check back to that site for future LIVE webcasts from Chase) but obviously now is not.

On a side note, Chase and Jasmine talk about Jasmine being on creativeLIVE which is one of Chase' projects that showcases talks from a wide variety in people in many forms of art. Unfortunately the free live stream is now over (I watched a bunch of it, it was awesome!) but you can still purchase the 5 day session in which you see Jasmine shoot a wedding, see her edit the photos, talk about her business, review her other shoots photos, take questions, etc etc. So a HUGE learning opportunity. You can buy that HERE if you like.

But anyways back to this video. Chase leads this interview and explores how Jasmine got into wedding photography. He goes through personal aspects of Jasmines life and also business practices. So for anyone out there that is a prospective wedding photographer, Id recommend watching this video and keeping your eye on Jasmine Star.

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