Monday, September 6, 2010

Engaged - Our Story

I leave Alison on a bench just outside Peoples Jewellers in the Midtown mall in Saskatoon. Its Friday, September 3 around noon and my heart is pounding walking into the jewellery store. Im about to pick up the ring I sent to get sized for Alison's finger, so that I can propose to her tonight.

I know I know, bringing Alison with me to the mall to pick up the ring Im going to use to propose to her isnt that slick, but just keep reading I redeem myself later.

After I pay for the sizing the clerk hands me the ring. Before I head back outside the store to Alison, I take a good hard look at the ring and think "I hope it fits". I put the ring in my pocket and walked back out to Alison sitting on the bench. Now Im not quite sure why I did what I did but when Alison excitedly asked "Did you get it?" I responded in a upset tone "No". Immediately I could tell Alison was concerned and wasnt going to let it go that easily. After she asked what happened, and why I didnt have the ring I responded "It WAS here but when I was looking at it the diamond came loose, they didnt tighten the clasps". Alison looked really sad but replied with a soft "Oh.. its okay, I can wait awhile longer". I could tell that lying the rest of the day was not going to be easy, and that hiding my HUGE grin was going to be even harder...

After a beautiful day of walking around Saskatoon in the heat and watching jet skiers on the river, we decided to go get a baguette and some fine cheeses and head down to the river to watch the fireworks festival. At this point it feels like my heart is going to burst out of my chest, its less than an hour before I ask the love of my life to marry me.

Its dark now and we can barely see where we are going on the path down by the river. We decide to follow a group of people to see if they find a good spot to sit, and they did. Alison suggests to sit by the people, but I vouch for a little more privacy. So we sit about 10 meters back. As we start to eat our delicious bread and cheese (honestly, nothing beats a good baguette and cheese) I make sure I have the ring in my pocket. I almost decide to pop the question before the fireworks but I restrain myself, I know it will be more special to Alison if I wait.

After waiting for 15 minutes for the fireworks to start, they do. Big explosions of red, yellow, blue, and thunderous roar from the spectators and fireworks exploding. Its time... I begin to speak with Alison:

"I love you Ali."
she looks up from my arms, her eyes shining brightly and says "I love you too Tay".
She looks back to the colorful light show. Leaning over in front of Alison, I say "I want to be with you forever".
Alison quickly says "Ditto." and politely states that my hat is now blocking her view of the fireworks.
Chuckling to myself I sit back up and hold Alison tightly in my arms. I let a few seconds go by. I then ask "Alison, will you marry me?"
Alison continues to gaze at the fireworks and replies "Well ya, of course I will". This time I laugh aloud and Alison tilts her head and looks at me questioningly.
I look in her eyes and say convincingly "No Ali... WILL you marry me?"
As I finish the last part of the question I take her hand and put my grandmothers ring on her finger. Alison's eye went wide with surprise and excitement and she yelled "YES" and jumped on me. We kissed as the finale of the fireworks went on. When the lights stopped we walked home, hand in hand, grinning ear to ear and wiping tears from our eyes.

That is our story, of how Alison and I got engaged and how we began a new part of our journey together, one that would take the rest of our lives.

I love you Alison.


Anonymous said...

You are my hero.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful engagement evening! Can't wait for the wedding!

Taylor Verde said...

Thanks Anonymous x2 :D

Anonymous said...

I hope my boyfriend proposes to me the same way.

- Ryan

Taylor Verde said...

Maybe he will Ryan, maybe he will. Ha

Sean said...

Aha, aw yeah!! That is way super cool. :) Too awesome. Congrats again!
(PS Hanging out with you guys today made my day. See you again soon!)

Dyan said...

Congrats you two! Such a beautiful story...brought a couple tears to my eyes!

Taylor Verde said...

Thanks Sean and Dyan, we appreciate the comments :).
I think our story is a pretty good one too ;)

Alison said...

I love you Taylor!

Taylor Verde said...

Love you too beautiful