Thursday, September 23, 2010

Phil + Katelyn: Chilliwack, BC Wedding

I had the honor this past weekend (Sept 19/10) to photograph such an awesome couple getting married, my friends Phil and Katelyn. Ive known Phil for quite a few years now and was thrilled to hear that he proposed to Katelyn. Ive never seen Phil happier than when hes around Katelyn, and I am extremely happy for the both of them!

The day was good, it started off sunny while Katelyn and her brides maids were getting ready, I thought "Wow first wedding and its going to go off without a hitch!". Whats that saying again, "If something can go wrong, it will"? Ya I think thats it. So at about 11:30am it started pouring, and Im not talking about average BC drizzle it was practically a monsoon outside! But Katelyn, being the awesome gal she is, just brushed it off and played it cool because nothing was going to ruin her day, it was going to be wonderful no matter what. I really respect that attitude, she could've freaked but she didnt. Solid. Now me, on the other hand, was seeing the chances of getting some nice outside formals get washed away (pardon the pun). But in the end the rain let up enough for us to get outside and get some great shots.

It was so hard to choose which shots to include in this blog post, so I posted about 5 more than I originally wanted to. Here are some shots from Phil and Katelyn's big day

Katelyn wore beautiful white slip-ons, simple, stylish, and comfortable
Shawna, Katelyn's long time friend, watches as Katelyn gets her hair done

Phil's first look at Katelyn, his bride to be, walking down the aisle in her wedding dress

Phil was pretty snazzy that day too

"You may now kiss the bride"

Leaving the church as Mr & Mrs.
The answer is "Yes," we did go to Tim Hortons
Everyone was hungry after the ceremony and needed a snack before we started formals
Katelyn's nephew was a little bored by the formals, lucky for me it made a great photo ;)
Pretty sharp dressed wedding party, the purple worked well

You could really tell they were crazy in love

The first dance
and of course whats a wedding without dancing. Phil's good friend Ryan getting people into the Conga line
Phil & Katelyn helping the conga line grow


Anonymous said...

I must say, I love the one of Ryan hahahaha Great photos Taylor! And congrats to Phil and Katelyn :)

Kevin said...

The groom looks like the actor who plays the new guy on the movie "Waiting"

kevin said...

John Francis Daley

Taylor Verde said...

He does not look like that guy, boo on that lol

Anonymous said...

Great Photos Taylor you did an amazing job!!!

Sean said...

Whoa, incredible photos! Way cool. :)
The one next to the streetlight outside is super sweet. And the conga line. :) Incredible work!

Marla said...

You should sell some of these to Tim Horton's for an ad campaign!! Great job Taylor!!

Taylor Verde said...

Thanks everyone, I appreciate it

Anonymous said...

the photo of the nephew, priceless.