Friday, December 10, 2010

The Krieger Family

*sigh* I know I know. I haven't posted, haven't called, haven't even written you a letter. I'm sorry, I've been lazy lately with this blogging thing. But I have some jobs upcoming so I will have some more content to post, I will also try posting some more personal stuff as well.

But for this post I'd like to share with you some pictures that I got to do before all this -25 degrees and snow business happened. Back in November I had the privilege of photographing my good friend, Kevin, and his awesome family. As some of you know I'm living in a different province than my family, and the Krieger family was kind enough to have me over for thanksgiving the past two years in a row. Great people. Anyways it was a great afternoon shooting with them.

I hope you enjoy the shots!

PS - I was having some technical difficulties with my computer so I have only uploaded eight photos. I might upload a couple more over the next couple days. Check back.