Friday, December 10, 2010

The Krieger Family

*sigh* I know I know. I haven't posted, haven't called, haven't even written you a letter. I'm sorry, I've been lazy lately with this blogging thing. But I have some jobs upcoming so I will have some more content to post, I will also try posting some more personal stuff as well.

But for this post I'd like to share with you some pictures that I got to do before all this -25 degrees and snow business happened. Back in November I had the privilege of photographing my good friend, Kevin, and his awesome family. As some of you know I'm living in a different province than my family, and the Krieger family was kind enough to have me over for thanksgiving the past two years in a row. Great people. Anyways it was a great afternoon shooting with them.

I hope you enjoy the shots!

PS - I was having some technical difficulties with my computer so I have only uploaded eight photos. I might upload a couple more over the next couple days. Check back.

The Kriegers
Mr. Kevin himself

Mom & Dad
Justin and Kevin
Justin, Kylie, and Kevin
The entire fam


Teesh said...

Hot stuff kev

Kevin said...

Teesh you are mighty quick... go study!
Also, excellent timing Taylor! Just taking a study break myself here...

Taylor Verde said...

And whatcha think good sir?

Anonymous said...

These are well done. Nice thinking with all the different backgrounds and arrangements.

KEVIN said...

I think my Mother is going to be happy, which is good for the whole family! :D I like!