Monday, January 17, 2011

Grey Cup 2010 Weekend

Hello all,

So in this lull in photos and photojobs (that will end pretty quick here, I am shooting a wedding in less than 2 weeks, AHH!) I thought I'd share a pretty awesome experience I had recently. If you hadnt heard I was given the opportunity to go to the Grey Cup in Edmonton.

I went for South Creek Global Media as an on site photo editor for Derek Mortensen of Base10Photo, who was shooting the Grey Cup. My job entailed editing and uploaded photos to South Creek during the game, so I had to run and grab the memory cards come back to the media tent and download, crop, edit, and upload the photos.

It was a lot of fun, pretty stressful, and exhausting but overall was such an awesome experience and I am thankful for it. The photos looked fantastic (to see the photos Derek shot and I edited head over to Base10Photo) and everything went really smoothly. Im including 3 videos below that I made while I was there as sort of a vlog to try and show people what it was like to be at the Grey Cup as a photographer. Contrary to what I say in the last video, there won't be a final vlog.

To give you a background on my football knowledge and experience:
- Ive never played football on a team in a league
- I knew relatively NO players
- This was the SECOND football game Ive EVER been to!
- And the first football game Ive ever been to I got to run onto the field with the University football team as a videographer (video is in the works, stay tuned)

Vlog #1:

Vlog #2:

Vlog #3:

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