Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ashley + Trevor: A Saskatoon Winter Wedding

Hi everyone,

Last month (Feb 5/11) I had the privilege of photographing my good friend Ashley marry the man of her dreams, Trevor. The wedding was fantastic, and the day went perfect. Luckily the day was only mildly cold at -10 degrees Celsius or so which is balmy compared to the -35 degrees Celsius which was the temperature the following day. Also I dont think Ive ever seen a group of people have as much fun as the people at this wedding! There were so many people dancing, it was great! In the end it was a gorgeous day and Ashley and Trevor were so happy and had so much fun!

Please click on the post to view some of the photos from Ashley and Trevor's big day

Ashley getting her makeup done
Right: Bridesmain Simminie having a good time at the hair salon early in the morning
Lila, one of Ashley's bridesmaid gets her makeup done
Andrew, Trevor's brother and groomsman, looks out the window at the hotel while getting ready
Left: Trevor in the hotel room, ready for the big day to come 
Trevor's first look at Ashley, his bride to be
Ashley's Dad passes Ashley to Trevor during the ceremony

Ring exchange
The entire wedding party together

Ashley looked stunning!
Im glad it was warm enough to get outside for some shots!

They were so happy!

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