Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Engagement Shoot

So as most of you know I am now happily engaged to the woman of my dreams, Alison, and if you don't know then check out the blog post about it here. Naturally being a photographer I wanted to get photos done of Ali and I for our engagement. Fortunately I work with a bunch of talented photographers and Thomas Chan and Rachel Malena of Dwell House Photography graciously offered to shoot out photos.

It was a chilly afternoon/evening and by the end everyone was pretty cold. But it was really nice out aside from the temperature and led to great shots! Thanks Thomas and Rachel, we appreciate it so much. Enjoy the photos everyone :).

Please click to open the full post and view all the photos from our engagement shoot


Sean said...

Phenomenal! And super beautiful.
These make me super happy. :) You guys are the absolute coolest!!

Chelsey said...

So pretty. I love them and you guys too. They turned out really nice. A bit of wait,seems to be a change of seasons. Loves.

Colleen said...

These also make me super happy. My heart feels better knowing you two have each other and that I have you in my life:)