Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alison's Surprise Bday Party

Alison's birthday is April 26 and its not the most convenient day of the year for a birthday. Being a student, her and her friends are usually finishing up finals, so no one can really hang out or celebrate Alisons bday with her. On top of finals, Alison is never home for her birthday because she is taking University in a different province.

Well this year I decided that her birthday was going to be a big deal and that she was going to feel special and loved on her birthday. With some help from Alison's close friend, and maid of honor, Chelsey we pulled off the best surprise bday party ever!

Alison had a final in the morning which worked for me because I had a TON of running around to do to get ready for the party that night. First thing was to go buy a present for Alison, and I knew just the thing. I went to a spa and bought her enough credit there to have three or four sessions which I knew she would love after finishing her last final and being DONE school for good (YAY!). After buying the spa day I spent the rest of the day buying food, decorations, and picking up studio lights for the little photobooth I was going to put on that night.

Everything turned out fantastic and Alison was thrilled! We all ate, laughed, hung out, and overall had a great time.

My idea behind the photobooth was since Alison and I are moving back to BC come the end of May I was going to do headshots of all her close friends that were at the party and put them into a photobook for her so she could always have a nice photo of her friends to look at when she missed them. Here are some of the headshots, Im not posting them all just some of the ones. Enjoy! :)

(please click the post to view all the photos)


Anonymous said...

Nice work Taylor! These turned out great!

Unknown said...

I miss this people!