Friday, June 10, 2011

Later Saskatchewan, it's been good!

back at home
Throughout life there are always large, tough decisions. Recently Alison and I made a huge decision. We decided to move back home to British Columbia. Back to our families, our old friends, MOUNTAINS (wow I missed mountains so much!), and the outdoor activities we love to do. It wasn't an easy decision since we have made such close friends in Saskatchewan and we both fell in love with Saskatoon as a city. We are definitely going to miss Saskatoon and friends although I don't mind leaving behind the Saskatchewan winters though ;). And we will definitely go back to visit some amazing friends we made out there. (click post to continue reading)

Packing up the van
We rented a UHaul cargo van to fit all our stuff. We drove from Saskatchewan back to BC, which is about an 18 hour drive. Pretty brutal drive to do all in one day so we decided to drive the first 6 hours to Edmonton and stay with a friend. We went out with a couple friends that lived in Edmonton for dinner, went to a pretty swanky It's a really hard place to describe, but we had Indian food which was delicious! The next day we drove the last 12 hour of our trip back home. We alternated driving so we each could nap (if I am in the passenger seat of a car I will fall asleep 90% of the time, even if Im not tired).

It feels like were starting a new chapter in life right now, and it feels good. Alison has now completed University and is an Agriculture and Bioresource Engineer, and yes she is definitely smarter than me :P . Im starting to get photo jobs in BC and looking for a part time job to have some constant income.

So we both are back in beautiful BC, and loving it!

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