Saturday, December 17, 2011

A weekend at the Bartlett's, a Saskatoon Engagement - Caitlyn + Eric

During the time I've lived in Saskatoon I made a lot of close friends. People that I miss dearly and that I will always be friends with. One of those good friends, Chelsey, had invited me to come back to Saskatoon for a weekend to take her sister's engagement photos as well as hang out and see where she had grown up.

Meeting Chelsey's little sister Caitlyn for the first time I could see that awesomeness ran in the family. When I met Eric, him and Caitlyn being together really made sense. They compliment each other perfectly, such a wicked couple. I couldn't be happier that Caitlyn and Eric are together and that I was able to hang out with them the entire weekend and take their engagement photos. They even were nice enough to drive me to the airport for my flight back to BC. (Thanks again!)

Our weekend was absolutely fantastic and a TON of fun! I'm not going to lie, it was mostly pleasure and some work. Riding a Sea-doo, swimming, and hanging out on the boat during the day and an engagement photo session later on in the evening.

The Bartlett's treated me like family. They welcomed me into their home, fed me, took me out for some fun, showed me around town, and we chatted about everything from photography to Bob Marley. Thank you Bartlett's, you are an amazing family.

To Caitlyn and Eric, congratulations! I am so thrilled you two are engaged and thank you for letting me photograph you two. Hopefully we get to hang out again soon, all the best!

(Please open post to view all the photos)

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