Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Agassiz engagement - Adam + Charlene

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It started in a very standard and simple way, just another night out with a bunch of close knit friends, but what sparked between Adam and Charlene was anything but standard and simple. Little did they know when they first met that night six years ago that they would fall head over heels for each other. 

On engagement shoots I usually ask the gent "So how did you propose?" (I love hearing proposal stories, plus it usually gets the couple to smile naturally when thinking back to when the question was popped ;) ). With a grin from ear to ear Adam told me how on a cold November morning he setup a geocache with the ring inside for Charlene to track down. Needless to say, she found it and the rest is history.

I was thrilled to hear that Adam and Charlene had gotten engaged and I am honoured they contacted me to do their engagement photos! The week leading up to the shoot the weather app on my iPhone was predicting every forecast known in modern meteorology; sunshine, cloud, rain, snow, high winds. Thinking that the world was scheduled to end that day I decided to check in with Adam and Charlene about what they wanted to do if the weather wasn't ideal. Like troopers their response was "Rain or shine! ... or maybe snow I just heard on the news! 

In the end the weather was great, aside from the cold wind. Clouds hung around until noon and then the sun decided to come out for the end of the photoshoot. Adam and Charlene were a blast to work with and were game for anything, they even threw in their own ideas during the shoot which was awesome! We ended around 12:30pm, just in time for Adam and Charlene to get back home to watch the Canucks game with family.

To Adam and Charlene, I wish you both the best and thank you so much for letting me take your engagement photos,  you were total naturals in front of the camera.

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Karina said...

These are great Taylor! Great job :)